• Superdrol 10 (USA WAREHOUSE)


SUPERDROL also known as Methyldrostanolone, is a potent anabolic steroid with structure, derivative of drostanolone “Masteron” . The only difference in this case is the addition of a c-17 alpha methyl group. The two agents remain very comparable, however. Both methyldrostanolone and drostanolone are non-aromatizable, so there is no difference in the estrogenicity of these two steroids , and both steroids retain favorable anabolic to androgenic ratios.The effects of Superdrol can also be very beneficial to the dieting athlete as a cutting steroids. This compound will greatly preserve lean tissue during a caloric deficit. Benefits of Superdrol are increase overall strength levels, boosts nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, boost size and mass gains really fast. Its very strong steroid.


Superdrol 10 (USA WAREHOUSE)

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